Your house parties in Dubai, spot on!

Absolut Gulf just launched a new service in Dubai that turns your house party into a proper one. Absolut in the House is a party-starting service to make your house party the talk of the town! How does it work? You order 4 bottles of Absolut (you can do that from here) and then headContinue reading “Your house parties in Dubai, spot on!”

My Top 5 Trend Predictions of 2020

I haven’t done this in a while, so in a summary – here are my top 5 predictions for this year in the advertising and marketing world. #1: Growth Cannibalism Since agencies opened in this part of the world, they have been singular in their aim: to financially grow – and the faster the better. So,Continue reading “My Top 5 Trend Predictions of 2020”

Is the Coronavirus linked to Corona beer?

Google search trends illustrate that we’re surrounded by very, very confused people when it comes to the rapidly spreading illness.⁠⁠It’s disappointing that this needs to be written, but the only thing that Corona beer and nCoV have in common is the origin of their names. In Latin, corōna meant ‘crown,’ and modern languages continue toContinue reading “Is the Coronavirus linked to Corona beer?”

Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit (2019)

So, I was thrilled when I saw the trailer, and I can pleasantly tell you – I wasn’t disappointed, at all. Jojo Rabbit is witty, full of sarcasm that is extremely conscious, never offensive and always brilliant. Pack up all your political correctness before you jump into this. I have personally enjoyed, laughed and criedContinue reading “Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit (2019)”

I must do this now…

Well, I used to blog back in 2003, then I stopped in 2013 and here I go trying again. I have been building websites since Geocities ever existed back in 1994, creating content since Facebook Groups started in 2007, designing social media campaigns/apps before they went mainstream and online moderating mIRC channels for a very long time. Often referredContinue reading “I must do this now…”