iPhone SE 2020: the reviews are out and it’s a solid 8/10

Last time I said the iPhone SE 2020 was good enough for most people. I can now add easily. Now iPhone SE 2020 reviews are out, and the summary is compelling and remarkably similar across different reviews: Apple’s new small phone is a smash at AED 1699.  It’s not perfect, it’s by no means better than theContinue reading “iPhone SE 2020: the reviews are out and it’s a solid 8/10”

Instagram To Roll Out A Memorial Account Feature Because Of COVID-19 Deaths

Instagram is speeding up plans for a new account memorialization feature, adding a “Remembering” banner under a username to signal that a person has died. “We’ve been working on these updates for some time, though this is one — among others — that we’ve accelerated in light of COVID-19 to help support our community duringContinue reading “Instagram To Roll Out A Memorial Account Feature Because Of COVID-19 Deaths”

Facebook adds new ‘care’ emoji reactions

As a lot of us continue to stay indoors, Facebook has become a go-to platform for many people to check in with their friends, family and neighbors during the current coronavirus pandemic. Today, to give us another way of showing support and presence in its apps, the company said it would add a new reaction for “care”Continue reading “Facebook adds new ‘care’ emoji reactions”

KitKat gets Lotus Biscoff in the UAE and the world goes… crazy!

Yes, the Biscoff craze made McDonald’s in some countries add it to McFlurry, and many restaurants to include it in milkshakes, desserts and more… Kitkat showed it some love too! The KitKat Mini Moments with Lotus Biscoff spread are just like little KitKat Chunky bars – except they have a hidden layer of delicious crunchyContinue reading “KitKat gets Lotus Biscoff in the UAE and the world goes… crazy!”

Starbucks delivers now in UAE & Kuwait

With this pandemic changing habits and enabling different businesses, a thriving need for FMCG solutions is taking place. Starbucks Middle East soft launched delivery in Kuwait last week with their preferred partners of choice, Deliveroo. Today, the service is live and running in Dubai as well, you can now enjoy your favourite coffee and drinksContinue reading “Starbucks delivers now in UAE & Kuwait”

iPhone SE 2020: Good for most, bad for the competition

Apple’s new small phone is out, the iPhone SE 2nd generation of iPhone SE 2020, featuring the latest Apple chipset in an iPhone 8 body, and a size up from the previous generation: The big news is that this iPhone SE packs a beastly chipset: the A13 Bionic, which is in the flagship iPhone 11Continue reading “iPhone SE 2020: Good for most, bad for the competition”

Facebook’s new couples app: Tuned

Yes, the app is called Tuned (it is made by Facebook’s NPE team) and it encourages couples to create an intimate social network between just each other. From the iOS-only app, they can share their mood, exchange music, and create a digital scrapbook. It’s billed as a “private space” for both people to connect.  The appContinue reading “Facebook’s new couples app: Tuned”

Did you ditch Netflix for Quibi yet?

Quibi is out just in time for the ongoing lockdown. Quibi, short for “quick bites,” is a mobile-only short video streaming service, available for both Android and iOS platforms. Quibi has now officially launched worldwide. I had no problems downloading it and tuning in here in the UAE, and had confirmation it’s working in Kuwait too.  ItContinue reading “Did you ditch Netflix for Quibi yet?”