Apple might owe you $25 for the iPhone slowdown

Apple has agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle a long-running class-action lawsuit in the US that accused the company of “secretly” throttling older iPhone models.  First reported by Reuters, Apple maintains it hasn’t done any legal wrongdoing in agreeing to the settlement. You can read the settlement on Scribd, thanks to MacRumors. While awaitingContinue reading “Apple might owe you $25 for the iPhone slowdown”

Reaching out to the Chinese customers in MENA through WeChat

So, just to give a quick-background: WeChat was launched in China in 2011 and is often considered to be the benchmark for mobile messaging apps. It offers users an innovative, mobile lifestyle and business hub and its ease and convenience has led to its exponential growth and driven the trend for mobile payment. A pioneerContinue reading “Reaching out to the Chinese customers in MENA through WeChat”

How much of an Award-bate is the last Burger King mouldy Whopper going for?

What “grinds my gears” about the latest Burger King mouldy Whopper ad is the following: 1) Working in the advertising industry for a competitor brand for years, enabled me to know so much about both brands and their competitors, and know their strategy, visual style and know how decorate and shoot an uncooked/inedible burger thatContinue reading “How much of an Award-bate is the last Burger King mouldy Whopper going for?”

How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus: Visual Guide With A Style & Twist

“How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus” is a project by Max Siedentopf, a Namibian-German visual artist, and inspired by masks found on social media during the Corona Virus outbreak where people shared photos of alternative solutions to the conventional air mask. Since the virus is currently spreading globally, the series offers handy solutions how youContinue reading “How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus: Visual Guide With A Style & Twist”

Apple jumps on web trends

In a rare move from the brand, Apple has intercepted the product images on its homepage to feature cameos from gaming characters, including some from the Apple Arcade service jumping on the Microinteractions & Minigames trend of web-designs of 2019. Taking a step further and adding a touch of humour and playfulness, find mini-games are aContinue reading “Apple jumps on web trends”

Every name’s a story #whatsyourstory

Love this new campaign by Starbucks about welcoming everyone, in a world where everything is trying to divide human beings. The new Starbucks ad follows a trans boy as he starts going by his new name. The ad aired on television in the U.K. and online, and it’s part of a partnership with the U.K.Continue reading “Every name’s a story #whatsyourstory”

New emojis are coming, but are the blobs staying?

Last week, the internet exploded with news about Unicode Emoji 13.0 adding 62 different emoji to our lives. It includes such selections as bubble tea, people holding babies, and my personal favorite, the Arabic “Wait habibi, I’ll show you” hand sign. This is great news. I, for one, am a hardcore emoji user, frequenting selections likeContinue reading “New emojis are coming, but are the blobs staying?”

Is the Coronavirus linked to Corona beer?

Google search trends illustrate that we’re surrounded by very, very confused people when it comes to the rapidly spreading illness.⁠⁠It’s disappointing that this needs to be written, but the only thing that Corona beer and nCoV have in common is the origin of their names. In Latin, corōna meant ‘crown,’ and modern languages continue toContinue reading “Is the Coronavirus linked to Corona beer?”