New emojis are coming, but are the blobs staying?

Last week, the internet exploded with news about Unicode Emoji 13.0 adding 62 different emoji to our lives. It includes such selections as bubble tea, people holding babies, and my personal favorite, the Arabic “Wait habibi, I’ll show you” hand sign. This is great news. I, for one, am a hardcore emoji user, frequenting selections likeContinue reading “New emojis are coming, but are the blobs staying?”

Is the Coronavirus linked to Corona beer?

Google search trends illustrate that we’re surrounded by very, very confused people when it comes to the rapidly spreading illness.⁠⁠It’s disappointing that this needs to be written, but the only thing that Corona beer and nCoV have in common is the origin of their names. In Latin, corōna meant ‘crown,’ and modern languages continue toContinue reading “Is the Coronavirus linked to Corona beer?”