Dubai Lifts Veil on Debt, Showing It Owes Less Than Thought

Dubai made a rare foray into public bond markets, revealing along the way that its debt burden is now a lot smaller than estimated by analysts only months ago. A prospectus that accompanied Dubai’s planned offering of bonds and Islamic securities on Monday showed the government’s outstanding direct debt stood at 123.5 billion dirhams ($33.6Continue reading “Dubai Lifts Veil on Debt, Showing It Owes Less Than Thought”

Samsung’s #GalaxyUnpacked: The Verdict

The biggest announcements from yesterday’s Samsung Unpacked 2020 event were not exactly under wraps if you’ve been following the leaks, news and my previous post. But Samsung came to the party with the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet series, Galaxy Watch 3, and the Galaxy Buds Live, alsoContinue reading “Samsung’s #GalaxyUnpacked: The Verdict”

“Order Food” via Instagram stickers now in the US, will that happen in MENA?

Yes, you can now order food for delivery or takeout through Instagram. The next time a restaurant posts a video of some lust-worthy food on Instagram, you may be able to have it delivered in a couple of clicks. The social media app has partnered with the ChowNow food ordering platform in the US to create anContinue reading ““Order Food” via Instagram stickers now in the US, will that happen in MENA?”

5 things that will change during and post COVID-19

Many people predict different things – all we have is data and our hunch to depend on. Pessimists will come and say: We’re walking back into the worst recession in centuries. Small business has been wiped out in some sectors. Consumer confidence will be at an all time low. Conspicuous spending will be hard –Continue reading “5 things that will change during and post COVID-19”

That McDonald’s Ad you can’t skip

Leo Burnett Moscow’s hand-washing ad has 120 million views and you’ll appreciate it. Having fun with the skippable (or unskippable) aspects of an ad is a years-old tactic in the world of video advertising, but it’s a gimmick that’s still worth pausing to appreciate when done well. McDonald’s Russia, released this: Made by Leo BurnettContinue reading “That McDonald’s Ad you can’t skip”

Are you on Facebook Gaming?

Facebook’s dedicated streaming app is here. It might be a Twitch copycat. Basicallty, they joined Amazon’s Twitch, Google’s YouTube and Microsoft’s Mixer streaming services, and it’s been rushed out two months ahead of schedule to meet pandemic demands (or, perhaps, big tech’s need to do everything). Facebook Gaming is a dedicated mobile app now launched widelyContinue reading “Are you on Facebook Gaming?”

Tips to avoid burnout and how to cope with WFH stress of social distancing

Staying away from crowds — maintaining what’s known as “social distancing” — is the right move during this coronavirus outbreak. But it also could mean that we are disconnecting from our support systems where straying from our social routines can take its toll on our mental health. Stress can be particularly tough on people like meContinue reading “Tips to avoid burnout and how to cope with WFH stress of social distancing”

007’s No Time To Die, Postponed after COVID-19 fear takes over Hollywood

The film now will be released in the U.K. on November 12, 2020 with worldwide release dates to follow, including the US launch on November 25, 2020. Such a disappointment to fans, since Cinemas are the only outing we kind of have besides bars and restaurants with everything else getting cancelled from concerts, conferences andContinue reading “007’s No Time To Die, Postponed after COVID-19 fear takes over Hollywood”